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If you use this dofollow search engine and you come across a site that is no longer dofollow, please email me and give me the main url for that site. I will verify that it is no longer dofollow and I will then remove it from the search.

Comment on High PR dofollow Blogs

Comment on High Pagerank Blogs
If you want to increase your exposure on the search engines, a good way is to get keyword anchored back links to your site or blog. An easy way to do this is to find high PR (pagerank) dofollow blogs that are related to your niche or your sites keyword and leave a comment. Most will let you use your keyword in the name field, but if they don't most make the request that you use your first 'name', the '@' symbol, and then your 'keyword phrase' linked to your blog home page. For example, 'Chris@Salt Water Fish Tanks'.

Now the important thing is to make a comment on a blog that has a high pagerank. The higher the better. But how do you find a high PR blog? You can use my search engine to find a blog that is similar to your site and then use the google page rank checker to see what the pagerank is for the site you visiting. I said before that you want to find a blog that has a high PR, but if you can't find a high one, you can make a few comments on medium to low PR sites. If you can't find a site that matches your niche using my dofollow search engine, then you may have to do a search on Google for '[your keyword phrase] dofollow comments' (without the brackets or the quotes). Some sites advertise that they are dofollow and this has proven to be an effective way to find good dofollow blogs with good PR.

Google Search Engine Optimization
So if you want to increase your google search engine optimization, then make some meaningful comments on high PR dofollow blogs. If you do, you just might find your site climbing up the search engines based on your chosen keyword.

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