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If you use this dofollow search engine and you come across a site that is no longer dofollow, please email me and give me the main url for that site. I will verify that it is no longer dofollow and I will then remove it from the search.

How to Build Backlinks With Dofollow Blogs

Maybe you are wondering what a dofollow blog is. A dofollow blog is a blog that has removed the nofollow tag on their comments, which allows a link to pass link juice. If you have such a blog, you can add it to many of the directories or search engines, such as this one, that are on the Internet to let others know. You can go to such blogs and make comments and receive a backlink to your website or blog.

Another option would be to establish your own directory of dofollow blogs so that others can benefit from this. Try to leave a comment on blogs that are relevant to your own site, this will add more weight to your backlink. If you cannot find a dofollow blog that is related to your niche website or blog, you can still make a comment, because a backlink is a backlink. This will also look more normal the search engines as well.

The reason you need backlinks is this builds authority for your site. The more sites that point to your site the better. If your blog is dofollow, please send me an email (listed above), and I will add it to my search engine, thus making it easier for people to find sites related to their own. The search function is somewhat better than a list because you can find sites related to your own by means of keywords.

Removing the nofollow tag on your blog, however, can invite spam commenting. But with careful moderation and the use of good plugins you can almost entirely eliminate spam. If you are a dofollow blog, this may actually increase the comments on your blog. If the comments are related to your posts and your keywords this can prove to enhance your site. Feel free to use the search function on my site and feel free to contact me to add yours if you have one of your own.
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