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Welcome! Use My Custom Search Engine to Find Sites Related to Your Niche or Keyword.

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If you use this dofollow search engine and you come across a site that is no longer dofollow, please email me and give me the main url for that site. I will verify that it is no longer dofollow and I will then remove it from the search.

DoFollow List

A list of dofollow blogs

This blog does not contain a list of blogs that have dofollow plugins. A list, in my opinion, promotes spamming. So I created a custom search of sites that I have visited personally to find dofollow blogs to make sure that they are truly a nofollow dofollow blog. (However, some may have turned off this feature since visiting their site.)

By using a search engine verses using a directory of blogs you are able to do a blog search using KEYWORDS that are relevant to your blog which can help your SEO. And since you may find a site that is in your niche social community, you will then be able to offer a meaningful comment which will not be considered spam.

Another reason why I prefer not to use a list is because you may leave a comment on a post that is not indexed by the search engines. My custom SE will only find indexed posts.

Dofollow edu

Comments on "rel dofollow" blogs will receive a free link back to your blog. (You can also use forums to get link luv and there are some dofollow social bookmarking sites, but I have only focused on blogs with my search engine) By bookmarking this site you will have at your finger tips a wealth of blogs that you can use to get links to your blog.

A lot of the blogs I have found have good pagerank and many have high pr. PR is important and the higher the rank the site is, the more authority it can add to your blog.

Wordpress has a plugin to make their blogs dofollow, and they also have a cool plugin that is called commentluv, which will give you the option of linking back to a specific post in your blog.

Blogger does not have plugin, but rather you will have to edit your html code to remove the nofollow feature. There are a lot of blogs on the internet that can show you exactly how to remove it.

Be careful!

Some blogs use the "u comment i follow" tag, but some are not real. I have experienced a lot of blogs that will post that they allow dofollow comments, but upon further examination, I have found that they only use it on a few posts or not at all!

I use Mozilla Firefox and a plugin that is called SearchStatus.

It lets you view a blog or websites Google Pagerank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, ranking, Alexa incoming links, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo! and MSN. SearchStatus sits in the bottom right corner of your browser. (You can also move it to the upper part of your browser as well)

The best feature that SearchStatus offers is it can highlight 'nofollow' links. I leave this feature on all the time, and if I come across a blog that is dofollow I add it to my search engine. The important thing to remember is: if a link is highlighted in means it is NOT DOFOLLOW, and if you are wanting some link juice you will not get it. Below is an example of a nofollow link. Commenting on this post will do nothing for your blog.

So look for links that are not highlighted and you will get a link back to your site.
Thank you for reading and remember to bookmark this blog so you can use my dofollow blog finder

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